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Wera 05136607001 Advent Calendar 2023

Product no.: 05136607001

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O holy night! The tools are brightly shining... In 2023, Wera is once again spreading the Christmas joy and this time the tool design was inspired by Santa's red and white coat. 9 Chrome-plated Hex keys with Hex-Plus advantage preventing rounded screws make a strong tool set for hexagonal socket screws. A special bonus point is the convenient storage in a rack that can be set upright on the table or hung on the wall. On top of that, the rack includes a clever removable magnetiser that can be used to magnetise (and demagnetise) screws and tool tips; no more struggle to hold the screw with the second hand. Also contains 5 blades with double tip as well as a matching handle; 10 different profiles can be bolted this way. And especially useful for electricians, precision engineers and modellers: 1 Micro bit holder and 6 Micro bits, which turn working with very small screws into child's play. The screw gripper is particularly useful and so much fun: Simply attached to the screwdriver blade, it can hold the screw and the second hand doesn't need to struggle securing the screw while working. The best is yet to come? That's up to the fans to decide. Either way, the bottle opener is a must and of course also a part of this year's Advent calendar.
  • The Tool Rebel Advent calendar is the perfect gift for the run-up to Christmas
  • A unique and innovative mix of screwdriving tools and accessories for 25 screw profiles
  • 9x Hex-Plus Hex keys in a smart tool rack, each with a removable magnetiser and a clip for mobile use
  • 5x Blades (double blades for two profiles each) and 1 matching handle
  • 6x Micro bits for screwdriving in electronics, precision engineering and modelling and 1 matching handle
  • Of course including the iconic bottle opener in a new design for your collection


9x Chrome Plated Hex Keys: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, Hex Key Wall Holder/ Base, Hex Key Clip with Removable Magnetiser/Demagnetiser, Vario Screwdriver Handle, Combination Blades - Phillips: PH1 x PH2 x 175mm, Pozidriv: PZ1 x PZ2 x 175mm, Torx: TX10 x TX15 x 175mm, TX20 x TX25 x 175mm, Slotted: 0.6mm x 4mm x 1mm x 6mm x 175mm, Screwdriver Bit Holder, 6x 30mm Micro Screwdriver Bits - Slotted: 0.3mm x 1.5mm, 0.40mm x 2.5mm, Phillips: PH00, PH0, Torx: TX5, TX6, Screw Gripper Attachment, Bottle Opener & Folding Pouch