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Makita DRT50ZX4 18V Brushless Router/Trimmer - With Trimmer Guides

Product no.: DRT50ZX4

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The Makita DRT50Z 18V LXT Brushless Router/Trimmer from ITS is a router that gives you the freedom of movement thanks to the popular 18V LXT battery.

The router/trimmer includes a powerful brushless motor produces a max 10,000-30,000rpm no load speed, 6mm & 8mm (1/4") collect capacity, 0.40mm plunge capacity with trimmer base.

Featuring soft start, variable speed dial, constant speed control, LED job light for illuminating the workpiece in low light applications, push button switch with lock on/off for ease of use and shaft lock.

The Trimmer round base allows for smooth and fast cutting and easy handling with a non-slip elastomer body grip for increased comfort.

An enlarged opening section of base assembly allows for excellent bit visibility while maintaining durability.

Precision cutting depth adjustment, simple and efficient base lock system, replaceable non-marking plastic base plate for protection of trimmer base and smooth sliding on work surfaces.

At the heart of this power tool is the brushless motor that allows you to use them efficiently.
As part of the design, the tool utilizes every bit of battery power when you need, all while reducing the need for ongoing maintenance by reducing the amount of heat generated and working more efficiently.

The technology in creating a brushless motor system allows for perfect symmetry between battery power and usage ensuring you get all the power you need, when you need it.