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Product no.: MR007G

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MR007G is a Job site radio powered by 40V max XGT Li-Ion battery, 14.4V/18V LXT Li-Ion battery and 12Vmax CXT Li-Ion battery. This model is able to receive Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB/ DAB+).


  • 6x Selectable sound modes to suit music genre. LED colour indicates the selected mode
  • My Equaliser (MY EQ) Mode: enables user to independently adjust treble, midrange and bass for a desired sound quality
  • Multi-Amplifier system: provides clear hi-fi sound reproduction, without decreasing sound quality even when the volume is high
  • Midrange/treble speakers located on both sides to provide higher quality midrange/treble sounds
  • High quality sound woofer: located on the bottom to provide deeper and richer bass sound
  • Capable of receiving DAB/DAB+ Radio Stations
  • Equipped with Bluetooth class 2 to wirelessly connect your mobile device for playing music with a range up to 10m.
  • Dual power source: AC or Makita batteries.
  • Elastomer bumpers protect against rough handling on a jobsite
  • AUX-IN jack for connecting to external audio source (Connecting cable is not included.)
  • AC adaptor jack
  • USB output port allows for charging mobile devices. (Output only: No capacity to input or play music files stored on USB stick),
  • IP65 rated dust and shower-proof construction
  • Compatible with XGT, LXT and CXT batteries only


Battery Type
Lithium-ionBody only machine
Frequency Range FM87.5 - 108 MhzSpeakers
2x63.5mmØPractical Output (12v)2W x2 +10WPractical Output (14.4v)3W x2 + 15WPractical Output (18v)5W x 2 + 25WFrequency Range DABBand III 5A – 13FPractical Output (40v)5W x 2 + 25WNet weight
5.3 - 6.3 kg