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DeWalt DW088CG Cross Line Green Laser

Product no.: DW088CG

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Brings many improvements over it's predecessor including 4x the brightness and 2x working range (up to 20m) over DW088K

The new DW088CG is the upgrade to the hugely successful DW0088K. This new cross line laser brings many improvements such as: Green laser for 4 times the visibility and a new working range of 20m, twice that range of the DW088K.

The new DW088CG is also IP54 water resistant, debris resistant and drop tested to 1m thanks to the over-moulded design and still works with 3 x AA batteries and the DE0892 detector for up to 50m working range.



Self-leveling cross line laser Green with an accuracy of +/- 0.3 mm per meter

Self-leveling range of +/- 4 gr. with automatic deviation indication. Does the leveled line in seconds.

Fast and easy to use with only two buttons. Indicator that indicates a low position of the battery charge

Built-in magnetic rotating bracket allows for easy placement on metal surfaces.

The rubber coating and extra thick glass protect it and ensure the preservation of calibration under jobsite conditions

Includes 3 AA batteries for more than 40 hours working time

Case protects unit and helps maintain calibration when stored in gang box



Laser class 2, <1mW

Accuracy: +/- 0.3.

ray Number: 2

rays Direction: vertical / horizontal

Working range within: 15 m

Self-leveling range: +/- 4 gr.

Power: 4.5 Volt - 3 AA batteries

Tripod: 1/4 Inch

Width: 61 mm

Length: 112 mm

Height: 113 mm

Weight: 460g


Supplied With:

3 x AA alkaline batteries1

Brackett L-Bracket1

Sturdy carrying case