Bit-Check 8055-6/TH Torsion Extra Hard Bit Set

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8055-6/TH - Bit-Check Extra Hard for soft joint wood fastening. 
Torsion bits extend bit life over standard bits & prevent cam-out
- Torsion Extra Hard Bits feature a Torsion zone, which extends bit life over standard bits
- Torsion Bit-Checks come with the original Rapidaptor holder, boasting the unique auto-bit lock system for one-hand bit changes and a rotating sleeve for easy steadying.
- Standard 1/4in hexagon driveTH Torsion Extra Hard bits are a hard wearing, great value bits, with longer service life. Ideal for driving into timber and general construction materials.

1 x 895/4/1 K Universal bit holder with strong permanent magnet and quick-release chuck

6 x Torsion Extra Hard Pozi bits 2 x PZ1, 3 x PZ2, 1 x PZ3

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