Pull-Stroke Saws


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Tajima Magnum 300

The Tajima Magum 300 has an Oversize cast aluminum handle with embedded elastomer grips for superior comfort and control.

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Tajima Pull 265

  • Safety case will protect the saw blade
  • Ergonomic two-component handle
  • 16 TPI
  • Cutting width: 0.9 mm
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Tajima Pull 300

  • A top-of-the line die-cast aluminium handle with elastomer grip. Quick-release blade change system. 300mm 13 TPI blade for standard cuts on most woods and excellent performance on plywood
  • Work smarter with Japanese Pull Saws. By using the pull stroke instead of the push stroke required by most Western handsaws the blade can be thinner for a narrower more accurate cut
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