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NovoTools SDS Plus Drill & Chisel Set 17 Pieces


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  • Sds (Slotted Drive System) Shank Is Designed For Use On A Hammer Drill. The Bit Can Move Forward And Backward With The Hammering Motion Of The Drill While Flattened Areas And Slots On The Shank Allow The Chuck To Hold The Bit.
  • This System Reduces The Vibration Experienced By An Operator When Drilling In Masonry. Drill Bits Content 5X110Mm, 5.5X110Mm, 6X110Mm, 6X160Mm, 7X160Mm, 8X110Mm, 8X160Mm, 8X210Mm, 10X110Mm, 10X160Mm, 10X210Mm, 14X260Mm.
  • Chisel Tools Are Used For Cutting Or Carving Hard Materials Such As Metal, Stone Or Wood. A Chisel Tool Has A Shaped Cutting Edge Of A Blade On Its End, With A Handle That Is Characteristically Made Of Wood Or Metal.
  • Chiselling Use Involves Forcing The Blade Into Some Material To Cut It. The Driving Force May Be Applied By Pushing By Hand, Or By Using A Mallet Or Hammer
  • The Sds Tool Is Inserted Into The Chuck By Pressing The Collar Back To Open The Mechanism And Inserting The Tool.

NOVOTOOLS SDS Plus Drill and Chisel Set: SDS Plus uses a cylindrical shank to hold the bit, which has indentations down its sides. The SDS tool is inserted into the chuck by pressing the collar Back to open the mechanism and inserting the tool. Rotary force is applied via two or three grooves in the side of the shank. The part is allowed to move, thus allowing hammer action, as it is held in place by two ball bearings that run in the closed channels on either side of the shank. The tools Bit is released by pressing the collar Back toward the drill, or by pressing a release trigger, depending on the model, once this is done the part may then be slid out. Chisel tools are used for cutting or carving hard materials such as metal, stone or wood. A chisel tool has a shaped cutting edge of a blade on its end, with a handle that is characteristically made of wood or metal.


Box contains:

Sizes drill bits:


  • 5, 5.5, 6, 8, 10 x 110mm
  • 6, 7, 8, 10 x 160mm
  • 8, 10 x 210mm 14 x 260mm
  • chisels: 40mm x 250mm
  • flat chisel 140mm
  • chisel points 250mm
  • chisel points 20mm x 140mm
  • cold chisels 20mm x 250mm
  • shock-resistant aluminium case