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Holesaw with cutting edge technology for maximum productivity.

Variable 4-6 teeth per inch tooth design with a positive 10° tooth angle provides a faster and more aggressive cut. Improved heat dispersion during cutting ensures that the teeth stay sharper for longer. Deeper curved gullets provide more efficient chip clearance preventing clogging and heat build up. Special shaped tooth angle has less tendency to snag on thinner materials. Teeth are alternate/side set to minimise binding and friction, requiring less feed pressure, achieved by the combination of aggressive tooth geometry and good chip clearance resulting in the requirement of less force during drilling.

Type Matrix II premium high speed steel containing 8% cobalt is used for the toothed area of the holesaw, retaining the original tooth hardness even at high working temperatures when used in metal cutting applications. Bi-Metal construction, High speed steel teeth are laser welded onto a high alloy steel body. The teeth are then vacuum hardened to 65 HRC at a temperature of 600°C to give maximum durability and life time. Due to the high wear resistance of the Matrix II material, these holesaws are ideal for cutting difficult and hard materials such as stainless steel and acid resistant steels as well as softer materials like wood.

Holesaw body is 1.27mm thick steel, rigid to retain its shape but also has built in elasticity, with an effective sawing depth of 41mm.

Back plate design constructed with thick steel so the holes will not enlarge over time, adding strength and rigidity minimising vibrations. 4 drive pin holes for easier arbor location. Perfectly manufactured round back plate, especially important for the larger diameter holesaws. Diagonal slots aid the removal and ejection of the core.

High quality manufacturing techniques ensure high rotational precision, therefore these holesaws are suitable for use both in hand and pillar drills (manual feed only).

This high quality holesaw range is the perfect solution for cutting all types of materials: Steel up to 1000N/mm² strength, Stainless steel and acid resistant steel, Non-ferrous metals, Cast iron, Aluminium, Wood, Medium density fibreboard (MDF), Gypsum plasterboard, Sandwich materials, PVC.