Joker Ratcheting Combination Spanner Metric Set of 6

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The Wera Joker Ratcheting Combination Spanner Set offers practical configuration in a robust pouch for hexagonal bolts and nuts. They are made from high performance chrome-molybdenum steel with a nickel-chrome coating for enhanced corrosion resistance. There is a ratcheting mechanism on the ring side with an exceptional 80 fine-tooth system for flexibility even in confined spaces.

The spanners have a special forged geometry for high torque transfer and a greater rigidity against bending. They have a return angle of only 30° to avoid the need for any time-consuming turning of the wrench in screwdriving applications. An integrated limit stop prevents any slipping downwards from the screw head and allows a higher torque to be applied.

The double-hex geometry creates a form-fitting connection with the nut or bolt and thereby lowers the risk of any slipping. There is an exchangeable metal plate in the jaw, with extra hard teeth that secures bolts and nuts and reduces the risk of slipping. It also has a holding function with the metal plate in the jaw, reducing the danger of losing bolts and nuts.


4 x Joker Ratcheting Combination Wrenches: 10 x 159mm, 13 x 177mm, 17 x 224mm, 19 x 246mm.

2 x Joker Double Ended Wrench: 10/13 x 167mm, 17/19 x 235mm.

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