FEIN ABLK 1.6 - ASCS 4.8 Set 14.4v

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FEIN ABLK 1.6 - ASCS 4.8 Set 14.4v

FEIN quality tools combi set perfect for those working on roofs and facades

  • 1 ASCS 4.8
  • 1 ABLK 1.6 E
  • 2 battery packs (Li-ion)
  • 1 ALG 50 rapid charger
  • 1 plastic carrying case


Battery Voltage: 14.4v

Battery Capacity: 3 aH


Universal cordless nibbler for trapezoid and corrugated sheet metals, profiles and single rolled sheets.

  • 30 m of cutting in 0.8 mm trapezoid sheet metal with one battery.
  • 1.5 m/min cutting speed for excellent work progress.
  • Variable cutting speed due to electronically adjustable speed control.
  • Brief overlapping area up to 2.6 mm.
  • Optimum handling due to extremely slim gearbox head.
  • More than 1,000 charge cycles per battery pack.
  • Pleasantly light weight of 2.1 kg.
  • QuickIN clamping system.
  • Rotating punch for a service life which is now up to 30 % longer.
  • Cutting direction setting can be changed in 45° steps up to 360° using tool-free pivoting cutting head.
  • Proven MultiMaster motor with outstanding performance and stability.
  • Low operating costs. Punch and die are replaced independently of one another.


One of the lightest cordless drills/drivers in its class for roofing and façade construction.

  • Powerful battery for more than 300 screw connections in 2 x 0.75 mm trapezoid sheet metal.
  • Electronic torque shut-off prevents screws from rotating too far or twisting off.
  • Maintenance-free, brush-free and highly-effective EC motor.
  • Tested for more than 1 million screw connections.
  • More than 1,000 charge cycles per battery pack.
  • Extremely low weight of just 1.6 kg for fatigue free working.
  • High speeds for optimum drilling without wearing out the drill bit.
  • Powerful up to 20 Nm.
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