Roofing/Flooring Tools made for any job to a professional finish, with a massive range of sizes and brands


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Rothenberger Industrial Heating Torch

A high quality and robust heat torch/weed burner, it features a large working range with 5 m propane hose & burner support

£65.50 *
In stock
Can be shipped within 1-21 days

Draper Expert 225Mm Brass Fill Wire Hand Brush

Expert Quality, dense brass fill wire brush, securely held in wooden stock. 225mm in length

£7.99 *
In stock
Can be shipped within 1-2 days

Ripper Long Horn Adjustable Head Wrecking bar

The Longhorn is a heavy duty demolition bar with 180° head for multiple demo and rip out uses.

£69.99 *
In stock
Can be shipped within 1-3 days

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