On Site Tools - Introducing the Hole Hawg

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On Site Tools - Introducing the Hole Hawg





INTRODUCING THE Father & Son Martin & Merlin Jackson have been restoring ships for decades. On one sunny afternoon In October Milwaukee® went to visit them at Faversham boat yard where they are restoring a Dutch Botta Freighter by the name of “Johanna” that was originally launched in the late 1800’s.

Martin & Merlin have used Milwaukee® tools for a number of years so it made sense for us to give them the new 18 Volt Fuel Milwaukee® Hole Hawg® to put it through its paces and provide valuable feedback in readiness of its launch in February 2015. The frame of the Johanna is actually made of really hard solid mature oak so there was no better test for our latest addition to the 18 volt Fuel family. For those of you familiar with the old Milwaukee® corded HDE13RQD right angle drill which was known for its power we have been very excited to see how the cordless Hole Hawg® would stand up to similar extreme applications. Over the course of a month Martin and Merlin have been using the Hole Hawg® for a number of impressive applications like drilling 25mm auger bits through the chafers of the ship for the Lee boards and using it with a 5/8" 600mm length auger to drill studs in to the four section rudder to enable them to then be put together. After a busy morning of them working on her we took five minutes out to have a quick chat and find out their thoughts on our latest addition. Martin was particularly impressed with the Hole Hawg’s ability to cut through challenging green oak;

“We have been drilling 1¼" holes up to 46 inches long in green oak which is a big ask considering the material is wet and each time it has done it no problem.”

Martin reminisced on how he has used certain AC tools in the past to do such jobs which had the power but certainly did not have the safety element the Hole Hawg® clearly possesses. “The Hole Hawg® is far superior when it comes to safety. I was concerned in the past that if my AC tool jammed I might then go for a ride on it. Importantly the Hole Hawg® doesn’t kick when it becomes stuck.”

“The Hole Hawg ® is far superior when it comes to safety”

Merlin added; “The Hole Hawg® is certainly the right tool for the job with it being lighter than the conventional AC tools but with no compromise in power and also far more manoeuvrable due to there being no cable.” Before going back to the job Martin actually pulled out his seasoned Milwaukee® HDE13RQD corded right angle drill and we couldn’t resist but have a photo of the old warhorse together with the new kid on the block that looks sure to take its crown as the only tool to turn to for extreme wood drilling applications. Martin and Merlin have been working on the Johanna since 2002 and are now projecting that she will be launched again sometime in 2015. Milwaukee® will be there for this memorable occasion and watch this space for a follow up report.

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