Bullet Wood Screws (box)

Bullet Wood Screws (box)

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BULLET® Wood screws have been designed with speed and accuracy in mind for the true perfectionist wanting the best job. 
Made from high quality heat treated steel, all BULLET® screws are zinc and yellow passivated for product longevity and strength. Featuring a hi-tech wax coating, cork screw tip and flute, BULLET® screws have market leading 'pick up' speed to power into all types of wood quickly and cleanly.

Every single box of BULLET® screws comes supplied with a high performance impact PSD bit, precision engineerd to have a super bonded fit to every BULLET® screw, eliminating cam out and transfering the full amount of power from the power tool. 

BULLET® screws are available in 3 'magazine' sizes with asimple three tier pricing structure, getting rid of the confusion of different prices for every different screw size. 
Along with the award winnign screw, BULLET® have desgined an award winning, patent pedning, screw ammo box. The BULLET® ammo box offers the ultimate storage and transportation solution for all your BULLET® screws. The BULLEt® ammo case clearly shows what size screws go where and the magazine fit neatly into the ammo case behind the transparent magzine secures.
Select your BULLET® - Discard the sleeve from the Magazine - Load the Ammo case!!!

BULLET® screws - All the fire power you will need!!

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